Can a sex toy “get lost” inside your body?

Can a sex toy “get lost” inside your body?

A very serious question that many people may have asked themselves, at least once in their lives, is whether something that enters their body, either through the vagina or the anus, can be “lost” inside the body.

For some this idea could cause laughter, but the sexual education that most people receive does not talk in detail about the structures of the genital organs, so it is difficult to find clear and scientific information about what are the true possibilities that an accident so happen.

First, the vaginas

Just a few years ago, women were stressed about making sure that the thread to pull the sanitary tampons was well outside the vagina, because they feared that if it was also inserted, the tampon would “lost” inside them and they would have to go to the gynecologist with this embarrassing problem.

More recently, with the promotion of the contraceptive vaginal ring, the question of how deep this device can go seems to continue to plague women who are new to using it. And what about menstrual cups, which require practice to insert and remove, and often generate the fear that they will never leave the body.

All of these fears are totally unfounded. The vagina is not an endless cavern. It is a channel that is, at rest, about 10 centimeters long, which means that its “bottom”, which is the cervix, can be reached with the middle or even the index finger. Of course, the vagina can widen and lengthen when passing a penis, a dildo or a baby at the time of delivery, but even in these conditions, it has a beginning and an end.

Unfortunately, this information is not as widespread, and if we add to this the condemnation of women who explore their bodies, we have a lot of them (and men, of course) who do not even know what the inside of their body feels like the vagina and how they can get to it.

The short answer to the fear at the beginning is: no, no object can get lost in your vagina.

Let’s talk about the anus

The anus is another story. Since we are talking about the end of the digestive tract, which measures at least 1.5 meter in its part called the large intestine (which empties into the rectum), there are other types of risks here.

The danger of inserting something through the anus is not that the object is “lost” in the body, because in any case, it will not go very far as it goes against the natural movement of the intestine. However, it can cause a bad time the fact of having put something that cannot be easily recovered.

That is, unlike the vagina, the anus is a sphincter. In fact, it has two sphincters: one external and one internal. The external one is the one you can control, by tightening it. The intern does not depend on your will. This is not well known, so when someone is playing with an object in that area, they may believe that squeezing the external sphincter will prevent the object from going any further. However, according to sex educator Gigi Engle, from portal, the internal sphincter is capable of sucking the object inward.

When a dildo, antiperspirant bottle, toothbrush, cell phone, porcelain figurine, or any other object passes through both sphincters, there is no other way to recover it than to go to the emergency room.

To avoid these complications, the best thing you can do is use sex toys specifically designed for the anus, that is, they have a stopper at one end that will stay out of the rectum and allow you to extract it whenever you want. There are also some that have rings at the end, to make removal even easier.

Safety comes first

The problem here is not inserting something into the vagina or the anus, since each person can experiment with their body as they wish. The problem is not having enough information to play safely and not having bad times while looking for pleasure.

Also remember that if you share a sex toy with another person during your sexual activity, you should put a condom on them every time the toy is exchanged, so bacteria or other microorganisms that cause sexual infections will not be transmitted.

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