Casual Sex for Beginners

It’s true that we live in an age in which having casual sex is the easiest thing in the world. On one hand, communication tools allow us to contact people with similar interests (meaning sex), saving time on old fashioned flirting. On the other, modern society is much more permissive with casual contacts, therefore, the possibilities multiply. 

This may sound very natural and even obvious for the millennial and later generations, but going back in age ranges, not everything is known about sex in the age of the internet. This is why, it doesn’t hurt to remember the ABCs of what should be taken into account when establishing these types of contacts. 

What is casual sex? 

For starters, we would have to define casual sex, and first establish what it isn’t: senseless sex. Sex may lack sense even in a stable relationship. In reality, casual sex is a sexual relation without commitment, reproductive objectives and without the intention of establishing a love bond.

Casual sex is not the same as love

For this reason, it’s important to talk about another seemingly obvious thing: casual sex should not be a substitute for affection, attention or love. There are times in which this is what the person is actually looking for, and not sexual satisfaction, however they are willing to share their sexuality with someone thinking that they will get emotional retributions because of it. 

It is therefore necessary, to ensure that the reason to look for casual sex is sex for itself. But there is no need to rush. It’s also not about trying to use the other person in order to satisfy a sexual desire, but rather to share a moment in which both people will obtain a benefit: pleasure. 

Always with a condom

And for this to be pleasure in full, there’s nothing like the peace that protection brings in order to avoid problems such as sexually transmitted infections and/or unwanted pregnancies. For this, there are two essential elements. First, that the use of protection is agreed upon before the encounter. Dating apps allow messaging with the potential partner. Second, that each person brings their own protection method, this way, there will be no excuse for not using them due to them not being available on the spot. 

No abuse and no violence

Once the potential risk of infections has been covered, there is another element that is also related to safety. We cannot deny that there’s always a risk of suffering some sort of violence when being intimate with a stranger, anything from sexual abuse to rape or something more drastic. In order to minimize this danger, several steps can be followed. One is to agree to meet in a public place, this way you’re able to know the person in a safe manner. Another is to let one or several people you trust know where you are at any moment, if you change locations or stay for the night. Third, is to reduce alcohol or drug consumption to a minimum, this way you will be able to react if something is not going well (whether it be sexually or safety-wise).

With these simple steps, casual encounters become safer and more enjoyable, and may achieve the objective of bringing the people involved the satisfaction they are looking for. 

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