Do you hate exercise? Get stronger with sex

Do you hate exercise? Get stronger with sex

In a simple way, we could divide people into two groups: those who exercise and those who hate it. The very idea of ​​running, swimming or lifting weights seems like a nightmare to them and they prefer avoiding it at all costs. If this is your case, there is a funnier option that might be more tempting: sexual activity.

Young people will be, almost without realizing, practicing their sex lives with great vigor and energy, and perhaps burning calories without even realizing it. More mature people probably remember those years when the body responded obediently and could sustain intense sexual activity for several sessions.

But it is never too late to take advantage of the opportunity of a sexual encounter that at the same time allows us to get mobilized and make exercise after more than two years of sedentary lifestyle due to the global health situation.

If the mere pleasure that sexual activity promises does not convince you, the specialized health website has compiled some of the greatest benefits that sex offers to those who practice it, for example:

• Lowers blood pressure

• Burn calories

• Increases heart health

• Strengthens muscles

• Reduces the risk of heart disease, stroke and hypertension

• Increases libido

None of this results comes from invention or speculation, these are the findings of Dr. Julie Frappier and collaborators, who wrote an entire scientific article about the amount of energy that is displayed during sexual activity. While their research was done on young couples (22.6 years old, on average), it doesn’t mean the benefits are limited to people that age.

Obviously, if you are out of shape it will not be easy for you to start your next sexual relationship by doing push-ups on your partner, but it would be good if you were more aware of your whole body, and not just the genital area or the area that the other person is stimulating at the time.

The duration of sexual intercourse can be doubly productive if you put a little more enthusiasm into the movements of that activity. In addition to the obvious pleasure you get from sex, you can also get a little bit of fitness which, in turn, will help you to perform better next time.

While you put these ideas into practice, remember to also protect yourself with a condom to avoid HIV and other sexually transmitted infections. At AHF Latin America and the Caribbean, condoms are free and HIV tests too. Come to our offices in your country or write to us by Whatsapp.