How to Share Sex Toys in a Safer Way?

Many times, we hear that as adults, we must never stop playing. This is valid for many areas of life (rounds of poker, soccer teams, videogames) and sexuality is no exception. 

Taboo towards sex toys has been disappearing. Indeed, many of these are enjoyed in solitary, but it’s also true that more and more couples are introducing into their sex lives different tools, which may give another perspective on eroticism. 

But sometimes, too much fun can make us lose sight of the fact that sex toys can also become a vehicle for sexually transmitted infections (STI). It’s very important to treat them carefully, whether they be used with a steady partner or more occasional partners. 

In order to enjoy the good times experienced with these toys, you may follow these five steps that sexual educator Gigi Engle recommends from website: 

  1. Verify the materials: It’s important to verify that the toys you buy are made from safe materials to be used in such delicate areas as the genitals. An especially important quality is the porosity of the material, the more porous it is, the higher the probability for it to harbor bacteria and make it more difficult to sanitize. It’s better to buy toys made from medical grade silicone, ABS plastic, glass, metal (like stainless steel) or even wood. 
  1. Sanitize your toys after each use: Whether you use them by yourself of with other people, sanitize your toys after using them. The best way to clean them will depend on the material and the instructions from the manufacturer. In most cases, warm water and a mild soap will be enough. In some specialized sex shops, you can even get special cleaners for these devices. 
  1. Be careful of where you put your toys (in your body): The porn industry frequently makes people thing that there’s no problem with moving from anal to vaginal penetration, but this is not the case at all. A toy must not be moved between the mouth, vagina and anus without having sanitized it first between each point, since anal bacteria may generate infections in any other mucous membrane that they come into contact with (even being from the same person). 
  1. Use a condom with your toys: Every time you use toys that are introduced, for example, in the anus or vagina, and you use them with one or more people, put a condom on them. It’s a very simple way to try to avoid transmitting virus or bacteria from one person to another, and it does not affect the toy’s function, like vibration. The condom must be changed every time the toy changes from one person to another; this will prevent STI transmission and will also prevent interrupting the session in order to sanitize the toy each time.
  1. Get tested for STIs: Regardless how many sexual partners you may have, it’s important to get frequent STI tests in order to be aware of your own health. This way, in case of testing positive to any of them, you will be able to take the necessary actions. 

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