Hygiene: Do’s and Don’ts Before Sex

Hygiene: Do’s and Don’ts Before Sex

When you know that you will be having sex, the preparation ritual is also sexy. You get your clothes ready, choose a special perfume, perhaps you will remove body hair from where you don’t want there to be any and you head on to your adventure, knowing that a great moment awaits. 

However, bathing before going out to meet your partner is not enough to say that we have good hygiene and that we’re ready for sex. There are other details that need to be taken care of and that many times, because of rushing of circumstances, are overlooked. 

Oral hygiene

Some of these details may sound obvious, such as oral hygiene. Bad breath of course, can ruin an intimate moment, but it is important to know that it is not advised to brush your teeth immediately before sexual activity. This is because friction, could harm the gums and make them bleed, or even leave little abrasions in them that cannot be detected in plain sight. 

We know that sexually transmitted infections, such as HIV, are transmitted through the blood and may enter the body through open wounds. This is why, you should not put yourself at risk just to arrive at your date with fresh breath. It’s enough if you brush your teeth one or two hours before initiating sex, this way, your mouth will be clean, but you will also give any bleeding or wound, however minimal, time to heal, thus eliminating this as a risk for you or your partner. 

Wash your hands

Another habit of hygiene is the one we’ve been hearing about for the past year: wash your hands. Perhaps you went out dancing, for dinner or you were in public transportation, that’s why it’s important to wash your hands with soap and water, before touching your partner’s genitals, this way you will avoid depositing any harmful micro-organism. It’s a simple, basic tip, but one that we might sometimes forget. In this sense, the vagina could be more susceptible to infections, since, unlike the penis, it has a larger surface of mucous tissue, in which foreign bacteria may proliferate.  

Cleaning your genitals

Last, but not least, it is advised to clean your genitals with a little water before sexual activity. Unlike our hands, it is not so advised to use soap, since it’s abrasive, it may irritate both male and female’s delicate genital skin. A clean towel and warm water will suffice, and this will gently eliminate any remains from secretions or sweat that might have accumulated. 

With these three simple steps, you may not only feel more comfortable with your personal hygiene, but also start to protect yourself (and your partner) from infections. The next step of course, is to use a condom, thus keeping your sexual health safe. 

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