Itchy testicles? These may be the causes

Itchy testicles? These may be the causes

The skin of the scrotum (the bag that contains the testicles) is different from that of the rest of the body. It is almost never exposed to the sun, it is kept in a humid environment, it is thinner than other areas, and it is subjected to great friction or movement during sexual intercourse.

There are some men who experience itching in that area after having sex, and the causes can be very diverse. Some are easily fixed and others will require professional help.

Let’s follow the logic

The starting point is to know that, in general, itching is a sign that the skin is irritated. In this case, some of the causes of irritation in the scrotum may be in the sexual activity itself.

In recent years it has been fashionable to shave or remove genital hair, both in men and women. The simple act of raking or pulling out the hair in such a sensitive area already causes irritation, and if we add to this the friction during sexual intercourse, it is the perfect conjugation to increase itching.

The removal of genital hair is a personal decision, but some doctors recommend only trimming the hair to achieve the goal of “getting it out of the way” but not to go for procedures that can hurt the skin.

On the other hand, itching (and irritation) can be caused by excess moisture in the area, accumulated throughout the day. To combat this problem, you can wash the area with mild soap and water and dry it well.

It goes without saying that excess moisture favors the proliferation of bacteria and/or fungi, a fact that alters the balance of the skin and is also a cause of itching.

At the other extreme of excess moisture is dryness. Washing the area with soap that is too abrasive may be the reason for the itching. If this is the case, applying an emollient cream is a good idea to soothe the skin.

Unsuitable materials

Itchy scrotum can also occur when some external chemical or material is not compatible with your skin. These types of substances could be present in lubricants and sex toys and even in condoms.

The most recommended lubricants are those that are made with water, but it is important that, if one causes you itching, you change the lubricant. And while you’re at it, the immediate solution to relieve irritation is to simply wash with plenty of water and mild soap to remove the product.

As for sex toys, the idea is more or less the same. Unfortunately, in many countries these types of products are not supervised by health authorities, so they may contain substances that cause allergies in some people. If something like this happens to you with one of these accessories, try using it with a condom and if it is not possible, discard it.

But what to do if the condom is the problem? Latex also causes skin irritation on the penis, scrotum, and vagina in some people. If you are one of them, switch to a condom made of polyurethane.

Sexual infections

Of course, sexually transmitted infections (STIs) cannot be left out of the possible causes of itching. Since the condom is only placed on the penis, the scrotum is exposed to viruses or bacteria that could be in your partner’s genital area.

Not all STIs cause itching, but if it happens and the causes above don’t seem to get explained, it’s important to keep an eye out for what happens next. Bacteria such as those that cause chlamydia or syphilis, or viruses such as herpes simplex or human papillomavirus could manifest as itching.

If after having felt irritation, an injury appears in the area (a sore or a rash, for example), then it will be necessary to see a doctor to check what may be happening.

Remember that the internal condom (also called the female condom) has a larger surface area than the external condom (the one that goes on the penis), so it can put a barrier between your partner’s scrotum and genitals.

So now you know, keep this delicate area of ​​your genitals healthy and use the condom of your choice to minimize the risk of STIs. If you need free condoms, at AHF Panama we provide them. We also do free HIV tests. Just come to our offices or write to us on Whatsapp.