Pedro Pablo Prada García, a member of AHF Peru who in 2000 sued the Peruvian State to obtain free treatment for HIV, died on November 1, victim of a hate crime. His family, friends and comrades in struggle denounce the slowness of the authorities to do justice to this heroic defender of LGBTI rights and people with HIV.


He was diagnosed with HIV in 1989, at the age of 36, at a time when hundreds of Peruvians were dying from this virus, without being able to access the medications that could counteract it. Far from being daunted, he sought information on treatments and how to access them.

Thus, in 2000, together with four HIV + compatriots, Pedro Pablo led a lawsuit against the Peruvian State requesting universal access to antiretroviral therapy for all patients with HIV. The legal process lasted more than three years, was full of obstacles and a favorable response was not obtained.

However, they did not give up and took their claim to the Inter-American Court of Human Rights. The pressure they exerted made the Peruvian State from then on to assume its responsibility, creating a care plan for HIV and providing universal access to medicines for people living with the virus.


Having made HIV treatment free and universal, Pedro Pablo decided not to stop and continue leading new movements and organizations that defend the rights of HIV + people. Thus he became a valuable activist, recognized in Peru and internationally.

He lived happy and healthy, fighting for the rights of all, but also raised awareness about the importance of us fulfilling our duties, placing special emphasis on the importance that every person with HIV should commit to their health and maintain adherence to treatment, in order to guarantee quality of life.


His experience and leadership on the issue of HIV led him to join AHF PERÚ in 2013, a non-profit foundation that provides access to cutting-edge medicine and advocacy for people with HIV.

Pedro Pablo was a counselor in ITS, volunteer, guide, educator and much more in AHF Peru. Since his arrival, he has given his best to the patients; being an example and inspiration for all. Not in vain “Pedrito” had been living with HIV for more than 30 years, full of energy and vitality, thanks to the treatment he took with great responsibility.


Tragically, on November 1, Pedro Pablo became part of the statistics of hate crimes against people from the LGBTI community. The characteristics of his death fit a terrible pattern: robbery and murder of gay men in their homes. But the worst of the case is that the authorities still do not take action on the matter to capture those responsible.

We demand prompt justice for Pedro Pablo, the activist who achieved universal and free treatment for thousands of people with HIV. We urge the authorities to stop this wave of violence. No to impunity!