Lack of Orgasms, a Problem with a Solution

Lack of Orgasms, a Problem with a Solution

The goals of sexual intercourse can be varied. The main one is the search for pleasure, but it is also used to improve emotional ties or simply seek well-being that counteracts stress.

But perhaps some will say that the main and ultimate goal is to orgasm. It is true that the phases of the human sexual response (defined in the 1960s by the famous sex scientists William Masters and Virginia Johnson) include orgasm as the culmination of the process, but it is also well known that not all people reach that point.

Above all, it is a problem that has been detected in women. It is much easier for a man to reach climax, which coincides with his ejaculation, in a sexual relationship, than a woman, since it requires the correct stimulation in order to reach an orgasm.

Steady Hands

The causes of the lack of orgasm can be diverse. One of the most common and easy to solve is the lack of ability to achieve it, and this cannot always be attributed to the woman herself.

If we think of a man-woman relationship, sexual relations often take place amid myths and preconceptions about intimacy. The first of these is that the penis must be the center of full satisfaction. Many times, they think that mere penetration will cause an orgasm in their partners, which is far from reality.

The clitoris needs the right stimulation, and the “right thing” might be different depending on each woman who experiences it. It is true that such stimulation can be achieved with penetration, but in most cases, additional help is required, such as touching the clitoris to reach that ultimate goal.

Time to Visit a Specialist

If the problem of lack of orgasms is not solved by changing the technique (or the dynamics of the couple), then the problem may be rooted in another area: in the psychological one.

The conservative education that many women receive, not only from their families, but from the media, school, and the whole environment, can make it more difficult for them to put aside their inhibitions when it comes to being intimate. Guilt or shame can be so deeply embedded in their minds that the feeling of “not doing the right thing” can interfere with the pleasure they should get from sex.

Psychotherapists and/or sexual therapists are able to treat these types of problems. We can always find information on the internet, but there is nothing better than seeking personalized attention to unravel that which affects us, and sexual fulfillment is not something we can underestimate, even less in these times when so few things give us satisfaction and well-being. 

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