New Year’s Sexual Resolutions

The beginning of a new year is a time in which many people find it ideal to set a series of resolutions. Lose weight, exercise more or save up are usually the most common ones, and if indeed many are forgotten after a few weeks, we do not lose hope that this time we will put them into practice the following year. 

Since 2020 has been so difficult for the entire world, it’s possibly a good moment in time to set new goals that make this life more pleasurable, like a list of sexual resolutions. Remember that everything is valid as long as three basic rules are met: that the people involved are in agreement, that no harm comes to anyone and that it is carried out among people who are in full capacity to decide. 

  1. Lubricant

A first resolution that would greatly improve sex is to always use lubricant. Many times, it is only associated with the problem of vaginal dryness, but it has been seen that lubricant, whether it be water or silicone based, facilitates sexual intercourse and prevents lesions in the genital mucous membranes, it also prevents the condom from breaking. This way, it fulfills a double function: in increases pleasure and prevents situations that may put us at risk.

  1.  Exercise

Number two on the list may sound more common: exercise, but not just any exercise, rather the one that focuses on the pelvic floor. The Kegel exercises (named after their inventor, doctor Arnold Kegel) which strengthen the muscles in the lower part of the pelvis, the same ones that intervene in the orgasm. To identify them, imagine you are trying to interrupt your urine stream, this is the area that must be moved, raising and lowering with different routines that can easily be found on the internet. 

  1. Information

This leads us to a third resolution: look for information. But the important thing about this goal is to search for serious information, from reliable, documented sources, not from any social media influencer who doesn’t at least have any studies in sexology. Social media has increased the output of information to levels that are almost impossible to manage, this is why it’s important that when searching for data on sex, this is done in reliable websites, such as non-government associations, universities or sex therapy and sexology offices, to make sure we are not trusting charlatans. 

  1. Sex toys

One more idea to finish off 2020 is to buy a sex toy. If you frequently consult these topics on the internet, you might already have some options in mind, but if you haven’t done these types of searches for a while, you’ll be surprised with the level of technology with today’s toys. Not only can you buy a vibrator, but also one that is compatible with your mobile phone and can be controlled at a distance. Materials have evolved quite a lot and comfort in its use gets higher every time. It just might become the investment of the year. 

  1. Communication

Last, but not any easier to carry out, it’s important to communicate. Whether you have a steady partner or several different sexual partners, the exchange of ideas is fundamental. It’s a delicate subject at times, but it’s also true that you cannot reach agreements if you don’t talk about it beforehand. And, if you don’t know how to bring a topic to the conversation regarding something you would like to try or change, you can always bridge the gap by saying “I read something on the internet”, and thus smooth out the moment somewhat. 

It’s all about making the new year better than the last one (a goal which doesn’t seem to be hard to reach), and sex life is one of the fundamental pillars of people’s health and wellness. Starting from this point, any effort is worth it.

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