Place a barrier against sexual infections

Place a barrier against sexual infections

We know well that the only way not to expose ourselves to a sexually transmitted infection (STI) is through the correct use of a condom. Of course, abstinence is more effective, but if you had opted for that method you probably would not be reading this.

For those who have an active sexual life, latex is the best ally, since placing a physical barrier is the best way to avoid coming into contact with viruses, bacteria or fungi that can be found on the skin, mucous membranes or sexual fluids.

It is true that as you become more sexually experienced, you also discover that penetration is not the only activity that can be performed. But don’t worry, the search for variety shouldn’t have to place you at risk: the condom and its variants have you covered in many of the intimate games you want to explore.

The condom, our old friend

For several decades now, the condom has been with us throughout our sexual lives. Since the onset of the HIV epidemic in the 1980s, it was here to stay. It is true that penis protectors have existed in human history, but they have definitely never been as widely available as they have been since that moment on.

Over time, the condom has evolved. Now there are ultra-thin, more resistant, textured, in various sizes for comfort, with colors, flavors, with stimulating or retardant substances. There is even an internal condom (also called a vaginal one) that serves the same function of establishing a protective barrier.

Whenever there is interaction between a penis and a vagina or an anus or a mouth, a condom always provides safety so you may focus on the moment and not on the concerns.

Latex barriers and oral pleasure

Oral stimulation on various parts of the body is also a very popular form of pleasure. So that you may explore it safely, nothing like doing it through a latex barrier.

There are products on the market designed for that purpose (you can also find them as “dental dams”), but if they are not available in your city, you can easily make one by cutting a condom. That’s right: extend the condom, cut the ring at the bottom (if you want you can also cut the tip) and then cut the condom lengthwise. Done!

This barrier is placed over the vagina or anus so you can orally stimulate your partner. The warmth and texture of your mouth will almost feel like there is nothing in between. If the taste of latex is unpleasant, you can use a flavored condom or put some flavored lubricant on it. You could even spread an edible product without the risk of affecting the genital or anal areas.

Thimbles for restless hands

The same function of the condom can be found on a smaller scale: finger condoms. Yes! Latex thimbles are a very good option to perform penetrations with your fingers, avoiding the risk of potential wounds in them may allow microorganisms to pass through. In the same way, they protect your partner from receiving potential scratches in areas as delicate as the vagina or the anus.

The difference with condoms is that thimbles do not have lubricant, since they are not used only for sexual purposes. In fact, it is very easy to find them online today, as they are used for jobs that require avoiding direct skin contact with certain elements, such as handling cell phone parts or modeling clay where we do not want to leave fingerprint marks.

It is true that you would have the same result with a latex glove, but if you think about it, it is more practical to cover only the fingers that you need (depending on what you plan to do) and they are generally cheaper. In addition, you can use them to stimulate yourself or to stimulate your partner.

Now you know, there is no excuse for not having safer sex, because the diversity of protection allows you to expand your horizons. If you want to get free condoms, at AHF Latin America and the Caribbean we have them available. Come to our closest office in your country or write to us on WhatsApp.