Sexuality in the Elderly

The elderly population will be among the first to slowly go back to normal, thanks to the COVID-19 vaccine (in the countries where it’s available). Among the first changes in their routine, socializing once again will surely be one of them, now with less risk of getting seriously ill. 

And, for those elderly people who live on their own, meeting up with their contemporaries could also mean the opportunity to reactivate their sex life. Yes, that which was once denied as a possibility, for considering that in the later years in life, sexuality is not a priority. 

Some statistics

Although data regarding sexual activity in the elderly is limited, a study showed that 73% of people aged 57-64, 53% of people between 65-74, and 26% of people between 75-85 are sexually active. As reported by the World Health Organization in their Global Report on Aging and Health. 

The organization recognizes that “sexuality in old age is influenced by numerous physiological changes” caused by the process of aging, but that doesn’t mean that because things change they have to end.

Differences between men and women

It’s important to know that male performance will be affected by a lower production of seminal fluid, a slower response to arousal, a less firm erection or shorter lasting orgasms. 

On the other hand, women might experience greater difficulty for vaginal lubrication, pain during penetration, greater difficulty to achieve an orgasm or a slower response to arousal stimuli

To these specific changes, we have to add illnesses the person might have, such as hypertension, diabetes, depression, arthritis, prostate inflammation or neurological problems. 

Some recommendations

When faced with this scenario, the most important thing is to adapt sexual activity to the possible limitations that the people involved may be experiencing. It’s possible that the practices may transform as well and go from the vigorous sexual intercourse experienced at 20 or 30 years of age, to a more paused rhythm and different forms of stimulating the body’s pleasure areas. 

Whether it be with a steady partner o with a new person, it must be kept in mind that there is something that does not change with age: the risk of sexually transmitted infections. This is why, the use of the condom is the best tool to continue enjoying a sex life without negative consequences. 

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