The Various Objects of Desire

The Various Objects of Desire

What do you look for when you meet someone for the first time that you are attracted to? The classic answer will be the eyes. Some women might say the hands, and the most daring (regardless of gender) will perhaps say that a certain rear part of the body.

Although the answers may vary, there is more or less a consensus about what can attract us from the people we consider potential partners. But it may also be that the greatest object of desire is the feet or the underarms without waxing. Or extremely white teeth.

Being aroused by parts of the body that are culturally unrelated to sex can cause suspicion. Is there something wrong with me for being so drawn to this girl’s ears? Or on the other hand, is there something wrong with this man I’m dating, who asks to watch while I shave my legs?

What is a Sexual Fetish?

Putting an erotic charge on something (be it an area of ​​the body, an object such as a garment or scent) that does not have it socially is considered a sexual fetish. The term itself may have a negative connotation, although that is not necessarily the case.

A fetish can be that spark that triggers libido and sets off arousal, even though it may seem strange to others. The smell of sweat accumulated under female breasts or the smell of male feet is just a couple of examples that could put more than one on the defensive.

Remember That it Must be Consensual and Protect Your Health

However, in the world of sexuality, everything is valid, as long as the people who get involved do so consciously and freely in the practices. If your hamstrings drive you crazy and you find someone who loves to show off theirs, there is nothing to fear. Of course, it must be added that these activities should not threaten the integrity or health of the participants.

To protect your health, the most efficient tools available are condoms. If you found a person whose black hair makes you lose your mind, and that person feels good about it, then everything is ready, so the protection will come to complete that scenario where you both can share their fetishes without worry.

At AHF Latam & Caribbean, we believe that people should be free to enjoy their sexuality to the fullest but always with protection. That’s why we make free condoms and lubricants available to you. As well as HIV and STI tests and medical consultations. To learn more, visit our services by country, make an appointment, visit us or write to us on WhatsApp.