Premature aging due to HIV: how to stop it

Detener el envejecimiento prematuro

In recent years, research has shown that people with HIV experience accelerated cellular aging, regardless of whether or not they are on antiretroviral therapy. Unlike those without HIV, people with the virus appear to have age-related conditions and diseases long before the general population. For example, heart disease, some cancers, and cognitive problems (such as […]

Avoid risky sex and enjoy more

Hablar de sexo más seguro

Sexual activity is an aspect of life that we cannot ignore. It is one of the most important components for people’s well-being, which is why its practice is more accepted and discussed today than it was a few decades ago. And although it is an undeniable source of pleasure, it is also true that doing […]

HIV-positive children in Haiti at high risk of hearing problems

Haitian children living with HIV are reported to be at higher risk of developing frequent ear infections and even hearing impairment, compared to children who do not have the virus. This was discovered by a study published in a medical journal specialized in pediatric otorhinolaryngology, which involved 341 boys and girls with HIV in the […]

Mitigate the consequences of sexual violence

According to AHF estimates, 1 in 10 rapid HIV tests in women are motivated by sexual assault. To measure the impact of gender violence on the well-being of women in Latin America and the Caribbean, as shown, one button is enough: One in 10 cisgender or trans women who went to the AIDS Healthcare Foundation […]

Older people with HIV need multiple specialists

Detener el envejecimiento prematuro por VIH

Thanks to the high efficacy of antiretroviral treatments, more and more people with HIV are reaching old age, which is posing new challenges for their health care. Although the infection can be controlled with medication, bringing the quality of life closer to that of people without HIV, it is also true that those who have […]

AIDS: the pandemic that is not over yet

This December 1, World AIDS Day, is a date to remind world leaders, global public health institutions and civil society that the AIDS pandemic is not over yet.

This is what most worries people about their sex life

Preocupaciones sexuales más frecuentes

Sexuality is such a taboo subject that it is difficult to find a space to talk about it comfortably and safely. This is why when we have any questions about this area, we feel that we are the only ones in the world who are experiencing this problem, but nothing is further from the truth. […]

Tuberculosis has increased during the COVID-19 pandemic

More than 10 million people contracted tuberculosis during 2021 and 1.6 million died from this cause, according to the most recent report on the world situation of this disease, published by the World Health Organization (WHO). According to the agency, it is the first time in many years that the number of people who contract […]

Do you know all types of HIV?

Cepas, tipos de VIH y reinfección

If you have just received an HIV diagnosis, it is very likely that your medical team has told you that, as long as you do not reach an undetectable level of virus in your blood and you are not with a partner who is in the same condition, you should continue using a condom, why? […]

These types of pain you can experience if you live with HIV

Tipos de dolor en personas viviendo con vih

Pain is one of the health problems that most deteriorates people’s quality of life and the worst thing is that it is totally subjective, that is, there is no technological tool capable of measuring the amount of pain that a person feels, so that it needs to be explained.