Contrary to the strategies that many Latin American countries are adopting in the face of the Monkeypox outbreak, also known as Monkeypox, Mexico has not
Haitian children living with HIV are reported to be at higher risk of developing frequent ear infections and even hearing impairment, compared to children who
According to AHF estimates, 1 in 10 rapid HIV tests in women are motivated by sexual assault. To measure the impact of gender violence on the

Contrary to the strategies that many Latin American countries are adopting in the face of the Monkeypox outbreak, also known as Monkeypox, Mexico has not taken decisive action against this new epidemic, which in the first half of November reached 3,141 confirmed cases. , 5

Haitian children living with HIV are reported to be at higher risk of developing frequent ear infections and even hearing impairment, compared to children who do not have the virus. This was discovered by a study published in a medical journal specialized in pediatric otorhinolaryngology, which

According to AHF estimates, 1 in 10 rapid HIV tests in women are motivated by sexual assault. To measure the impact of gender violence on the well-being of women in Latin America and the Caribbean, as shown, one button is enough: One in 10 cisgender or

This December 1, World AIDS Day, is a date to remind world leaders, global public health institutions and civil society that the AIDS pandemic is not over yet.

More than 10 million people contracted tuberculosis during 2021 and 1.6 million died from this cause, according to the most recent report on the world situation of this disease, published by the World Health Organization (WHO). According to the agency, it is the first time in

Last September, Peru was the country with the highest rate in the world in terms of Monkeypox infections, also known as Monkeypox. This was due to the fact that more than 2,300 confirmed cases were registered, according to the count of the organization Our World

New HIV cases are on the rise "in an alarming number of countries, regions and cities around the world," said the Joint United Nations Program on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS). In 2021, a total of 1.5 million new HIV infections were registered, that is, one million more than

Providing people who inject drugs with substitution therapy would make it easier to integrate those who are also living with HIV into treatment. Injecting drug users are a key population in the response to this epidemic, as the virus is often transmitted between them by

The fact that the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) denied its approval to the vaginal ring that prevents HIV limits prevention options for women, stated an article published by researchers at Pace University in New York. It should be remembered that at the end

This October 11th is #GirlsDay and at AHF we come together to remember that society, governments and families must guarantee the Rights of girls: Education, Health, Right to live a childhood and youth without forced unions or teenage pregnancies.

Cow mucus is the basis for an intimate lubricant that contains active ingredients against HIV and herpes simplex, two of the viruses that can be transmitted through sexual intercourse. This was reported by the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden, where research was carried

The outbreak of Monkeypox, better known as monkey pox or Monkeypox, continues to grow around the world. According to data from the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), as of September 19, 37,444 confirmed cases had been registered in the Americas region, with the United States,

Federal Judge Reed O'Connor ruled that companies should not be required to cover, through medical insurance, the acquisition of medicines that prevent HIV, as this violates the religious freedom of employers. On September 7th, the O'Connor court, based in Texas, ruled in favor of a company

Knowing the probability of transmission of the Monkeypox virus helps us to take care of our practices to stay healthy without stigmatizing people because of their identity. Find out what the riskiest practices are.

Problems such as poverty, limited access to antiretroviral treatment, stigma and wide inequalities are just some of the barriers that prevent the large-scale success of the “undetectable= non­transferable” strategy. “Undetectable= non­transferable” (U=NT) is an idea of ​​treating everyone with HIV to lower their viral load (the

The abnormal distribution of body fat is one of the side effects that are visible when someone is on antiretroviral treatment. Although the newer drugs have been shown to cause less of this effect, it is also true that so far it is not possible

Every day 1 million new cases of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) are registered in the world, and more than 4,000 of HIV. On World Sexual Health Day, we join the global call to promote the conversation about sex, pleasure and self-care as a strategy to

A study that analyzed the use of an antibiotic taken after unprotected sexual contact was suspended a year earlier than expected, as the drug demonstrated clear effectiveness in ending 66% of sexually transmitted infections. The results of this research were presented during the 24th International AIDS

The response to Monkeypox is complicated in the health systems of the countries in Latin American and Caribbean as it is not classified as a Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI).

Research from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), in the United States, showed that a new vaccine, administered through the nasal mucosa, could protect against infections such as HIV or SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19 ), since it is capable of generating antibodies that

Después de 40 años, la comunidad científica aún no ha podido desarrollar una vacuna contra el VIH, virus que causa el sida, pero el panorama podría comenzar a cambiar debido a los más recientes descubrimientos. Un grupo de científicos españoles experimentaron en monos y demostraron que

The Joint United Nations Program on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) presented its most recent report on the situation of this pandemic, and warned that millions of lives are at risk because the response to HIV has been faltering in recent years.

Uno de los retos de la atención del VIH es lidiar con virus que se han vuelto resistentes a los medicamentos. Esto sucede, principalmente, cuando una persona que ya ha estado recibiendo tratamiento lo suspende (o el tratamiento falla) y ese virus se transmite a

In recent years, diseases that have spread from animals to humans have put the world on alert. The most recent concern of this type is the so-called Monkeypox, which is currently spreading through various regions of the planet. Is it a new disease? No.

En la respuesta al VIH, cada acción cuenta, y realizar una detección temprana en las salas de urgencias podría ayudar a evitar una de cada tres nuevas infecciones por este virus. Lograr diagnosticar a una persona que no acude al hospital precisamente porque esté preocupada por

There is a genetic mutation that is capable of protecting against HIV infection, but that at the same time causes a rare muscle disease in those who have it, reported a research team from the Carlos III Health Institute (ISCIII), in Madrid, Spain. As stated in

AIDS complications cause the death of more than 13,000 people every week around the world, so it is necessary to increase efforts to end this pandemic by 2030, a goal set by the member countries of the United Nations Organization (UN) in a political declaration

A research team has discovered an unexpected new use for one of the drugs designed to control HIV, known as antiretroviral. It is the drug called maraviroc, which seems to have the ability to restore a type of memory that allows us to link an event,

Although HIV infection is controlled, a person living with the virus is more exposed to health risks than if they did not have it. For example, diseases related to age or unhealthy habits, such as hypertension or diabetes, occur more frequently in people with HIV

According to official reports, there is a case so far unique in the world in which a state will manage to eliminate HIV by 2025, that is, five years before the global goal, set for 2030. This is New South Wales, a state located southeast of

At the end of last April, a rapid HIV test that is done at home and only needs a saliva sample began to be sold in Spain. This is the first device of its kind that is freely marketed in that country. With this product, distributed

According to a review of nearly 60 studies, 41% of people who take HIV prevention treatment (known as PrEP) stop within six months. PrEP is a strategy that is given mainly to those who are at high risk of contracting the virus, for example gay men

People on HIV treatment are known to be more prone to certain health problems from these drugs, one of which is high blood pressure. These problems have been increasingly seen as antiretroviral treatments allow people with HIV to live much longer. That is why a group

Despite directly attacking the liver, the hepatitis C virus (HCV) can also damage other organs, such as the brain, in addition to affect the quality of life and mental health of those who become infected with. This virus is transmitted primarily through blood, for example, by

The Genomic Sequencing Advocates Network (GSAN) recently issued an open letter to the Intergovernmental Negotiating Body (INB) of the World Health Assembly, in which they called for the inclusion of 10 specific points to improve genomic surveillance and international cooperation in the forthcoming accord governing

Un nivel bajo de testosterona, la hormona sexual masculina, sería más frecuente en hombres con VIH, aun cuando estén en tratamiento antirretroviral, que en hombres de características similares pero que no tienen VIH.  El déficit de esta hormona (es decir, un nivel insuficiente de ella) se

More than a month after the Russian invasion, various international bodies and civil organizations seek to ensure that people with HIV in Ukraine do not interrupt their treatment due to the ravages of war. According to data from the World Health Organization (WHO), Ukraine has one

One of the therapies that prevents HIV, made up of the drugs tenofovir and emtricitabine, has no significant interaction with the hormonal therapy that trans people receive to reaffirm their gender. Scientists at the University of California, San Diego, analyzed the first (and most widely used)

Sudáfrica, un país donde casi dos tercios de los nuevos casos de VIH se dan en mujeres, acaba de aprobar el uso de un anillo vaginal que protege contra el virus, como una de las estrategias de Profilaxis Previa a la Exposición, conocida como PrEP. Hasta

Un estudio realizado en hombres que tienen sexo con hombres (HSH) con VIH que se atienden en el hospital Clínic de Barcelona investigó las características principales de quienes practican el chemsex, esto es, el uso de drogas en las relaciones sexuales. Entre otras particularidades, se

Diez días después de la invasión rusa a Ucrania, acontecida el 24 de febrero pasado, el Centro de Recursos de Donbas, que forma parte de la Asociación Ucraniana de Personas con Adicción a las Drogas “Volna”, seguía en funcionamiento. El Programa Conjunto de las Naciones Unidas

La amplia disponibilidad del tratamiento más moderno contra el virus de la hepatitis C ha permitido reducir a la mitad los nuevos casos de esta infección entre las personas con VIH, según reveló un estudio presentado en la más reciente Conferencia sobre Retrovirus e Infecciones

A recent study identified a genetic factor that predisposes a person to a severe case of COVID-19, but would also provide protection if the same person were exposed to HIV. Swedish researcher Hugo Zeberg, who published his work in the PNAS scientific journal, found that a

Una mujer de la ciudad de Nueva York, Estados Unidos, permanece libre de VIH luego de 14 meses sin tomar terapia antirretroviral, lo que la convierte en la tercera persona de la historia, y primera mujer, en eliminar la infección después de un trasplante de

On March 8th, 2022, the International Women’s Day, AHF countries’ in Latin American and Caribbean, joins international actions to improve the economic condition of women after the Covid-19 pandemic

Luc Montagnier, uno de los científicos que descubrió el VIH en 1983, murió el 8 de febrero pasado, a los 89 años de edad. El equipo de Montagnier y su colega, Francoise Barré-Sinoussi, logró aislar el virus y además observó su comportamiento, lo cual abrió

El Programa Conjunto de las Naciones Unidas sobre el VIH/sida (ONUSIDA) se refirió a una reciente investigación holandesa que identifica una nueva variante del VIH, más transmisible y más dañina que las conocidas hasta ahora, y reafirmó que es necesario llegar a la mayor cantidad

Después de veinte años de analizar el comportamiento de los hombres respecto al trabajo sexual en 35 países de África, un equipo de investigación canadiense concluyó que uno de cada diez varones ha pagado por sexo y que quienes lo han hecho son 50% más

About half of the people in the world today are active on social media and the number is only growing. While this was the tendency already, the COVID19 pandemic is pushing us to communicate to others constantly in a dynamic and fast way.

Un equipo científico mejoró la estrategia para hacer visibles a las células donde se esconde el VIH y matarlas, logrando así eliminar por completo el virus en cuatro de diez ratones de laboratorio. El principal obstáculo para curar la infección por VIH es que éste puede

La Cruz Roja de Estados Unidos, que suministra el 40% de la sangre en todo el país, anunció que se encuentra en medio de una crisis de sangre, el cual está en su nivel más bajo desde hace diez años, informó el diario Independent en

As antiretroviral treatments have lengthened the lives of people with HIV, more research has been needed to better understand what it is like to grow old with this virus, even if it is kept under control with medication. In this line of research, a study carried

Desde el inicio de la pandemia de VIH, en la década de los ochenta, se han tratado de encontrar las estrategias más efectivas para que las personas que lo necesitan no abandonen su tratamiento.  Se ha observado que la atención brindada en hospitales implica grandes inconvenientes