Sexual activity is an aspect of life that we cannot ignore. It is one of the most important components for people's well-being, which is why its practice is more accepted and discussed today than it was a few decades ago. And although it is an undeniable

Sexuality is such a taboo subject that it is difficult to find a space to talk about it comfortably and safely. This is why when we have any questions about this area, we feel that we are the only ones in the world who are

Aunque puede ir en contra de la idea romántica de permanecer en un largo abrazo después de las relaciones sexuales, hay muchas voces que recomiendan ir a orinar lo más pronto posible. ¿Sabes de dónde viene esta sugerencia? Previniendo infecciones urinarias La salida del aparato urinario se

Testosterone is the sex hormone responsible for men developing masculine sexual characteristics, such as the deepening of the voice, the development of muscles, the growth of facial and body hair and the production of sperm. It is true that testosterone is also present in women, but

Sexual activity with a stable partner can provide pleasure, a greater degree of intimacy and even strengthen the commitment that one person feels with the other. However, sometimes we have very fanciful ideas about how these encounters should be, and it is not very often

Information gaps on sex education are filled with myths and stereotypes that distort the way we view sexuality. And one of the most entrenched myths is the one that indicates that sexual intercourse is focused on penetration, either vaginal or anal. If you choose to move

Information on sexuality remains limited, even in the midst of this age where knowledge on countless topics is just a click away. However, not all people have the same access to the Internet or to the technological tools that allow them to access this information,

When talking about any topic that involves the adjective “sexual”, the genital area of ​​the body immediately comes to mind. We can also associate it with pleasure or intimacy. And if we say “sexual health”, perhaps we are mainly thinking about how to avoid infections that

When talking about precautions during sexual intercourse, the main protagonists are usually sexually transmitted infections (STIs). The purpose of condoms is to protect you from microorganisms that pass from one person to another through this route and that can cause significant health damage. Some of these

Four decades ago we saw the birth of the myth that HIV only affected groups stigmatized by society, especially homosexual men, people who inject drugs and people dedicated to the sex trade. However, the facts have shown that the virus does not distinguish gender, age, skin

Monkeypox is spreading throughout the world without, to date, strong measures being taken to stop it. The good news is that it is not a new virus, since it had already been identified about five decades ago, in some African countries. The bad new is not

The moment and the way in which each person exercises their sexuality must be a strictly personal decision, but, unfortunately, there are many external factors that influence this area of ​​life. From the pressure of friends or their partner to the difficulty in accessing such an

When it comes to prevention of sexually transmitted infections (STIs), everything tends to focus on sex between a man and a woman. A second group of concern is men who have sex with men, but the conversation usually ends there. This discourse that does not mention

For a long time, sex before marriage has been socially rejected. In an effort to contain this activity, a series of myths have been created around sexual relations, myths that sought to frighten and thus cause people not to think about trying it. Currently, the conversation

Si buscas en la web, hay mucha información sobre cómo protegerte de las infecciones de transmisión sexual (ITS), pero tal vez no encuentres datos tan confiables acerca de qué hacer una vez que ya has sido diagnosticado con una. Quizás la vergüenza de visitar a un

Moisture, heat, softness, suction. The mouth is a highly erotic organ, so it is not surprising that oral stimulation is such a popular practice. However, have you thought about where you put your mouth? Enjoy with caution It's true: if we wanted sexual relations to be totally

En un escenario ideal, la sexualidad debería comenzar con protección (específicamente, condón), en un ambiente de respeto, buena comunicación y placer. Lamentablemente, la realidad es distinta, y gran parte de la población sigue arrastrando prejuicios y estereotipos que no han aportado nada para que las

What was almost unthinkable 35 years ago has become much more common today. More than three decades ago, people who had been diagnosed with HIV struggled to maintain their anonymity. They feared not only physical death, but also "social death", as the Mexican writer Carlos Monsivais

We have all seen an advertisement for some ointment to treat cold sores, those annoying sores that appear, for example, when we had a very high fever due to an infection. Yet when we start hearing that the herpes virus is a sexually transmitted infection (STI)

¿Alguna vez te has preguntado por qué precisamente en junio es el mes del orgullo y se celebra formar parte de la diversidad sexual? Aquí te lo contamos. Cada vez con más naturalidad, las grandes marcas se pintan con los colores del arcoíris justo al empezar

People with disabilities are becoming more and more visible. In many countries, the entire urban space must take into account people who have difficulties walking or seeing, for example. However, there is a disability that "is not seen", which places the people who experience it in

Few surgical interventions have as much social significance as circumcision. The removal of the foreskin, that thin skin that covers the glans, has had various cultural and religious implications throughout history. But it was at the beginning of the 21st century that it took on an

The skin of the scrotum (the bag that contains the testicles) is different from that of the rest of the body. It is almost never exposed to the sun, it is kept in a humid environment, it is thinner than other areas, and it is

When we talk about sex, everything tends to revolve around the penis. If there is an erect penis, then there penetration, and if there is a penetration, then there we count with intercourse, most people seems to think. There are even some beliefs that if

Women know they should have a Pap test to prevent cervical cancer, but have you ever heard of the anal Pap test? It is a very similar test that, as its name implies, is performed in the anus. But it doesn't hurt to remember what the

An intense and irrational fear of objects, situations or people is called a phobia. Is it possible for people who do not follow the established canons about a man or a woman "should be" generating this type of reaction?

A very serious question that many people may have asked themselves, at least once in their lives, is whether something that enters their body, either through the vagina or the anus, can be "lost" inside the body. For some this idea could cause laughter, but the

It does not matter whether it is a man or a woman, the anus is an organ that works the same way for all people. Or at least it should be, and thus explorations of sexual pleasure have led many, regardless of their sexual orientation,

Stereotypes about what is expected of a woman are still deeply rooted in the Latin American region. They do not only dictate how they should behave, but also who they should associate with or love (i.e., men). But romantic love between women is a reality,

According to the Dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy, the main definition of “consent” is “to allow something or condescend to do it”. In recent years, with the expansion of the feminist movement and campaigns like #MeToo, sexual consent has been put at the center

In a simple way, we could divide people into two groups: those who exercise and those who hate it. The very idea of ​​running, swimming or lifting weights seems like a nightmare to them and they prefer avoiding it at all costs. If this is

Any excess is harmful, and this also includes the amount of information. Since the internet is accessible to many more people, it is easy to get lost in the immensity of data on any subject

How do you see yourself at 50 years old? Perhaps with a good professional position, or traveling around the world, or seeing your children leaving for college. You can count with many dreams and plans, but surely one of them is not to be diagnosed

Desde hace cuatro décadas, cuando el sida y el VIH aparecieron en el panorama mundial, nos vimos en la necesidad de hablar más claramente sobre la sexualidad, no sólo dentro del matrimonio, como se pensaba que debía ser, sino fuera o antes de éste, o

Hoy en día, dos o tres íconos son suficientes para proponer un acto sexual, pero en el repertorio nos hace falta un protagonista: el emoji de condón. ¿A cuántas potenciales parejas has conocido por Internet? Ya sea a través de aplicaciones de citas o simplemente interactuando

Todavía persiste la idea de que si alguien “se ve sano” o “se porta bien”, entonces podemos bajar la guardia frente a las infecciones de transmisión sexual (ITS), pero nada está más lejos de la realidad. La salud sexual no tiene que ver con la moral

Sabemos bien que nuestro mejor aliado para prevenir infecciones de transmisión sexual como el VIH es el condón, pero a veces nos olvidamos de que éste no viene solo. Su pareja ideal es (como toda buena pareja) una que potencia sus bondades y lo ayuda

One of the things the current pandemic has taught us is to address the fears of getting tested. If someone starts out with a fever, cough, and sore throat, they may very well suspect they have COVID, but they may also be afraid to confirm

We know well that the only way not to expose ourselves to a sexually transmitted infection (STI) is through the correct use of a condom. Of course, abstinence is more effective, but if you had opted for that method you probably would not be reading

HIV infection is a health condition which is surrounded by judgement and prejudice. For too many years it has been thought that whoever has the virus, contracted it because they were doing “something wrong” or through “reprehensible” behaviors, such as drug use, multiple sexual partners

Although the message that all people are different and that this enriches the world has been tried to be highlighted many times, there are certain “differences” that are not well seen in societies. Therefore, among several sexually diverse groups, there are some who are especially

One of the old excuses to not have sex is having a headache. However, science has been able to deny this and if you try to use this again, your partner may have already found out  that sexual activity can alleviate these discomforts, even those

Many have heard of it, but few really know it. The female condom is a very valuable tool for protection against sexually transmitted infections, such as HIV, and it also prevents unintended pregnancies, but its use has not been as promoted as that of its male

Loving relationships are built on trust. It is true that love is the fundamental element, but it is that same feeling that makes us blindly trust our partner. When one falls in love, everything is so intense that it can lead us to surrender everything

The goals of sexual intercourse can be varied. The main one is the search for pleasure, but it is also used to improve emotional ties or simply seek well-being that counteracts stress. But perhaps some will say that the main and ultimate goal is to orgasm.

Women are stepping stronger in all areas. Little by little, we have been convinced of our value and now we have more confidence to make ourselves heard, especially when it comes to defending our rights. And what right is more valuable than the right to

What do you look for when you meet someone for the first time that you are attracted to? The classic answer will be the eyes. Some women might say the hands, and the most daring (regardless of gender) will perhaps say that a certain rear

We live in a time in which it’s become increasingly harder to deny someone their rights. Instant communication and the knowledge that has spread on human rights have facilitated the acknowledgement that all people have rights that must be respected, no matter the context. Sexuality,

A year ago, I started high school. Everything was new: the facilities, the professors and my classmates as well, but the most exciting thing was that feeling that we were big now.  Soon, however, a problem came up which taught us that we were not as

It’s very easy to judge from the outside when someone else has had unprotected sex, placing themselves at risk of undesired consequences. Age doesn’t matter, neither does the reason why there was no use of a condom, the point is that it happened and that

In recent years, research has shown that people with HIV experience accelerated cellular aging, regardless of whether or not they are on antiretroviral therapy. Unlike those without HIV, people with the virus appear to have age-related conditions and diseases long before the general population. For example, heart

Thanks to the high efficacy of antiretroviral treatments, more and more people with HIV are reaching old age, which is posing new challenges for their health care. Although the infection can be controlled with medication, bringing the quality of life closer to that of people

If you have just received an HIV diagnosis, it is very likely that your medical team has told you that, as long as you do not reach an undetectable level of virus in your blood and you are not with a partner who is in

Pain is one of the health problems that most deteriorates people's quality of life and the worst thing is that it is totally subjective, that is, there is no technological tool capable of measuring the amount of pain that a person feels, so that it

Since the emergence of the new coronavirus pandemic at the end of 2019, scientists around the world began to explore all kinds of already known drugs in an attempt to treat the infection. From antivirals used for respiratory viruses to anticancer drugs, they went through stages

In the first moments of the HIV pandemic, at the beginning of the 1980s, there were very marked roles for those involved in the problem. Infectology specialists (mainly men, but also many women) provided the best care they could to people with a hitherto unknown

Feeding a baby with breast milk is the general recommendation, since the benefits of this practice are always talked about, not only in terms of nutrition but also in the close relationship that is created between mother and child. However, there are various reasons for which

It's well known that the right foods help improve people's health and well-being, but it's also true that we don't always make the best choices about what we put on our plates. For people living with HIV, it is very important to understand the importance of

If you have read or heard anything about how HIV infection works, you will know that its target within the body are certain cells of the immune system called CD4 T-lymphocytes. By infecting these cells and using them as a kind of 'incubator' to replicate, the

When you live with HIV, it is possible that at some point you will be offered to participate in a research protocol. If you have never heard of something like this, here we tell you everything. Diseases with special consequences, such as HIV, cancer or, more

It is very difficult to find a drug that does not have side effects. They can be very mild or infrequent, but if it is a laboratory-made substance, it is likely to have some consequence that is not the main purpose for which it was

You have been diagnosed with HIV and now you must take another big step, perhaps more important than going for a test: start and adhere to antiretroviral treatment. Adherence to long-term treatment is one of the greatest challenges in care, since taking medication for life

People who receive an HIV diagnosis begin to reflect on the people around them, assessing who they can trust and who they can't. Sometimes the family is not the first option to talk openly about the diagnosis, even other times the partner is not the

You received a positive diagnosis of HIV and, after processing the news and deciding to take action on it, you finally have your first medical appointment at the specialized service. This can generate some stress, especially due to the lack of knowledge of what you

La infección simultánea por el VIH y por el virus de la hepatitis C (VHC) es bastante frecuente en el mundo. Por ejemplo, los Institutos Nacionales de Salud de Estados Unidos calculan que el 21% de las personas que viven con VIH en ese país

Consuming illegal substances (or some legal ones) is not beneficial for anyone, but we must accept that it is a reality for many people, and that among people living with HIV the situation is not different. However, there are some particular conditions that make important to

The global health crisis has made very clear the importance of vaccines in saving lives. Although very often these substances are related to young children, we must not forget that adults also need to be immunized against certain germs. Since vaccines, in general, are used to

AIDS, that is, the serious stage of HIV infection, is characterized by the presence of an immune system so weak that it is not capable of dealing with other series of illnesses and infections, known as opportunistic infections. Among those opportunistic infections, one of the most

Tuberculosis (TB) is an infection caused by a bacterium, which is an alarm signal to suspect that someone who has it has HIV, since tuberculosis is considered an opportunistic infection, defining AIDS. According to an article published on the Healthline portal, tuberculosis can be very difficult

When you have already assimilated that you live with HIV and that you will have to take lifelong treatment to stay healthy, they give you the news that you have diabetes. What to do now? As you know, antiretroviral treatment, which began to be used in

Rheumatic diseases are a set of disorders that mainly affect the bones, tendons, ligaments, joints and muscles; that is, the bone and muscle system, responsible for the mobility of the body. For people living with HIV, rheumatic diseases present themselves in a specific way, either caused

Secrets are a heavy burden for those who carry them. Knowing something important and at the same time forbidden can consume our tranquility and peace of mind. A positive HIV diagnosis could be one of those heavy secrets. When you receive your test result and learn

Even though four decades have passed since HIV was discovered, it is still necessary to remember that this virus and the syndrome called AIDS are not the same thing. And do you know what that difference consists of? The human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is the infectious

For reasons that are still not entirely clear, people with HIV have higher rates of cancer than those without the virus. Several studies have found that those living with HIV, even with the infection controlled thanks to antiretroviral treatment, are more likely to develop cancers

Just like other chronic diseases such as diabetes or high blood pressure, an HIV diagnosis changes the way you may consider life. Knowing that from now you will live with a new condition, with lifelong treatment, it is something difficult to assimilate. The news that you

If we look at any OTC drug packaging, we may see a section called "Drug Interactions." This is nothing more than the reaction that can occur when taking two or more medications at the same time, and it can have important consequences. In the case of

Once you have received an HIV diagnosis, it is ideal to begin medical care as soon as possible. This will allow the infection to be controlled as soon as possible and thus prevent your immune system, and your health in general, from being significantly affected

Thanks to antiretroviral treatments, today people with HIV have the opportunity to decide whether or not they want to have children, since, if they want to start a family, the right treatment will help the baby to be born free of the virus.

“Si me diagnosticaron VIH, ¿cuánto tiempo puedo esperar para empezar mi tratamiento?”, es una de las preguntas más frecuentes que hacen las personas que reciben esta noticia. La respuesta corta es: nada. No deberías esperar nada. Actualmente, el estándar a seguir es la regla “test &

Now that the COVID-19 pandemic has given some regions a break, many people are returning to travel more calmly. Whether for vacation or for work reasons, international travel is registering more movement. If you, as a person living with HIV, are going to do such activity,

If antiretroviral drugs are not taken in the amount and for the length of time prescribed, it is very likely that HIV will find an opportunity to replicate and continue to damage the immune system.

Medical science has developed hundreds of tests to measure, evaluate and detect all kinds of things, but there is no laboratory test for pain. Although the mechanisms by which it occurs are known, quantifying it depends entirely on the perception of the sufferer. Although it doesn’t

Si eres mujer y vives con el VIH, probablemente te preocupe tu menstruación. Recordemos que la sangre es uno de los fluidos corporales donde más concentración de virus existe, por lo que se podría suponer que la sangre menstrual representaría un riesgo para las personas

La salud bucal suele ser poco valorada, hasta que se pierde. No pensamos mucho en nuestras muelas sino hasta el momento en el que un dolor intenso nos tiene la noche entera sin dormir, pensando que no podremos resistir el tiempo que falta para poder

The social pressure on weight is strong, especially now that people have much more exposure to the world through social media. It seems that we are all constantly trying to lose weight to look better in photographs or to wear fashionable clothes, but there is

The population of trans women is one of the most affected by the HIV epidemic. According to data from the Joint United Nations Program on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS), trans women are 13 times more likely to be infected than adults in the general population. In the Latin

Mientras que algunas personas deciden mantener a sus mascotas siempre a su lado, como durmiendo juntos o pasando las tardes en el sofá de la sala, otras tantas piensan que los animales no deberían convivir tan cercanamente, más aún con personas que tienen enfermedades que

Cuando se detecta el VIH por primera vez, por lo regular se envía a la persona a hacerse pruebas de otras infecciones de transmisión sexual (ITS) para poder prescribirle los tratamientos adecuados y controlar el estado de salud de manera más completa. Si vives con VIH

It is well known that being overweight is the gateway to many health complications. In the case of people with HIV, some of these problems, such as cardiovascular disease or diabetes, become more frequent. It is not uncommon for people with HIV to gain weight during

La disfunción eréctil (DE) es la incapacidad para alcanzar o mantener una erección. Este problema de salud sexual puede deberse a distintos factores, como la edad, algunas enfermedades y el uso de ciertos medicamentos.  Si tú eres un hombre que vive con VIH, debes saber que

HIV is a virus which attacks the body’s defense system, therefore, one of the most serious consequences that it can have is to expose us to infections that wouldn’t happen if the immune system was working correctly. The most serious stage of the HIV infection is

Currently, living with HIV has become a chronic health condition, such as diabetes or hypertension, but it’s still important to know the experience of those who have gone through the diagnosis and adaptation process in order to make things easier for people who are starting

Antiretroviral treatment, which allows for HIV to be controlled, has been researched for decades to find the best strategy for people with the infection to live longer and better. Today we know that it is best to start treatment as soon as a person is diagnosed,

Receiving an HIV diagnosis can have a great impact on the person since it implies starting to live with a chronic condition. Just like people with diabetes or hypertension, a person with HIV must take medication every day, during their entire lifetime, in order to

There are people who get very nervous when going to medical consultations. Not only because of the news you may receive regarding your health, but also because of what the specialist behind the desk, with his white coat and academic titles hanging on the wall,

Many times, women who are living with HIV and are the head of the family think of everything before talking about their diagnosis with their daughters or sons who do not have the virus. However, a recent study found that those women who were open

HIV remains a health condition that can carry a heavy burden of stigma. The fear of facing the consequences of these prejudices leads many people who learn that they are living with HIV to keep it a secret, as well as to isolate themselves more

Most frequent symptoms of body fat alterations are:  Loss of body fat: most visible on the face, but also legs, arms and buttocks. Fat accumulation: this happens in the abdomen, chest (in men and women), shoulders and neck (where a sort of hump may develop). There can

Some studies have shown that depression, anxiety and loneliness may be related to a worsening mental health, poor quality of living and even a worse cognitive performance in people who live with HIV. This is why mental health is an aspect that must not be

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the degree to which the behavior of a sick person coincides with the indications for treatment provided by medical personnel is known as adherence to treatment.  It seems like a simple concept, but in practice it’s difficult to achieve