What do you look for when you meet someone for the first time that you are attracted to? The classic answer will be the eyes. Some women might say the hands, and the most daring (regardless of gender) will perhaps say that a certain rear

We live in a time in which it’s become increasingly harder to deny someone their rights. Instant communication and the knowledge that has spread on human rights have facilitated the acknowledgement that all people have rights that must be respected, no matter the context. Sexuality,

A year ago, I started high school. Everything was new: the facilities, the professors and my classmates as well, but the most exciting thing was that feeling that we were big now.  Soon, however, a problem came up which taught us that we were not as

It’s very easy to judge from the outside when someone else has had unprotected sex, placing themselves at risk of undesired consequences. Age doesn’t matter, neither does the reason why there was no use of a condom, the point is that it happened and that

Social networks and the media recently reported the news that the Oscar nominated Juno film star, who has also appeared on other big screen hits such as Inception and X-Men, has declared themselves as transgender. Causing confusion in some, upset in others (because of the

The discovery of HIV put the condom right in the center of the map. The epidemic, identified in 1981, forced the world to talk about what had been avoided for so long: intercourse. Once it was recognized that human sexuality existed and, that it manifested

The elderly population will be among the first to slowly go back to normal, thanks to the COVID-19 vaccine (in the countries where it’s available). Among the first changes in their routine, socializing once again will surely be one of them, now with less risk

If we talk about sexually transmitted infections, the ones caused by viruses are the ones that sound the most concerning. HIV, human papilloma virus or syphilis, are the worst names that nobody would like to see in their test results. However, these are not the

My friends always make fun of me because they say I’m like an old man in the body of a boy. They think I exaggerate because I’m always lecturing them to be responsible and take care of their sex lives. But I’m not just saying

It’s the only contraceptive that prevents transmission of HIV and sexually transmitted infections. One of the birth control methods that is made known at a very early age to prevent a pregnancy, is the male condom. Although there’s also the female condom, the most common is

HIV remains a health condition that can carry a heavy burden of stigma. The fear of facing the consequences of these prejudices leads many people who learn that they are living with HIV to keep it a secret, as well as to isolate themselves more

Most frequent symptoms of body fat alterations are:  Loss of body fat: most visible on the face, but also legs, arms and buttocks. Fat accumulation: this happens in the abdomen, chest (in men and women), shoulders and neck (where a sort of hump may develop). There can

Some studies have shown that depression, anxiety and loneliness may be related to a worsening mental health, poor quality of living and even a worse cognitive performance in people who live with HIV. This is why mental health is an aspect that must not be

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the degree to which the behavior of a sick person coincides with the indications for treatment provided by medical personnel is known as adherence to treatment.  It seems like a simple concept, but in practice it’s difficult to achieve

Facing an HIV diagnosis means becoming aware that many things in everyday life will change from that very moment. Processing all these changes takes time, and it’s important to try to manage one thing at a time.  And one of these aspects that are necessarily affected

Since its appearance over a year ago, the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which causes COVID-19, has raised a great number of mysteries which scientific teams from all over the world have dedicated to unravel. Among the questions, one immediately arose regarding how the new disease could affect

Receiving an HIV diagnosis is definitely a life changing moment. Even when the infection caused by this virus is perfectly controllable with medications, knowing the news that you have a chronic disease is always shocking and many times, you need a few days in order

I was very nervous when I went to get my HIV test. In my opinion, I had not had a very active sex life, but I was aware that I had not used a condom many times, whether it be because of haste, not losing

When they told me I had HIV, I went into a crisis. I thought my life was over, but not because I was going to die, since I had several friends who had the virus and were very stable with their treatment. What hurt was

Getting a diagnosis for any disease is not easy, especially when it’s about one which has no cure and requires that you take medication for the rest of your life. HIV is no different than any other disease, the only advantage, perhaps, is that treatment